Enlightened cash tray “Star Light”

This luminous coin tray is one of our highlights.


LED illuminated cash tray “STAR LIGHT” consists of glass distributing plate, base made of acrylic-styrene material and vessel for lighting up mechanism (battery, system with a processor, LEDs, sensor). Lighting up mechanism placed in cash tray activates in the time of placing coins on its surface and lights up selected element on advertising label.

  • Name: STAR LIGHT
  • Art. no.: 089
  • Cash tray dimensions: 220 x 190 x 25 mm
  • Glass: 210 x 111 mm
  • Shape of the product: Rectangle
  • max light place: 100 x 105 mm
  • LED-Diods: 4
  • Weight: 405 g

Additional information

Weight 355 g
Dimensions 190 × 224 × 22 mm

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