Cash tray finishing

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Zahlteller VeredelungWe have in mind that our client wish to have their product unique, different from the competition…and focusing attention of the final client..
To meet these expectations we provide various finishing for our trays.
Exept standard advertising of your company or client on the cash tray – you may choose additional finishing of the tray
There is few examples of the finishing we provide to most of our products:

Color – you may choose any color for your cash tray that fits campaign or brand colors of your company or your client.

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Engraving, Labeling and more

Engravering – you may engrave any text or a brand logo on the tray to make your tray more individual and unique.

Labeling- you may label your box with any kind of labels ( including 3D lenticular printing) on any sides of the tray.

Visual effects – By equipping your tray with our LED system you make your tray more visible among other merchandise products of the same type.
You may choose between various colors of LED light. The frequency and type of the light effect (like flashing sequence) is also individual programmed according your needs.

Audio effect – you may equip your tray with sound module.
This module play back any pre-recorded track.
It might be sound jingle of your company or client that complement bigger advertising campaign , as well as simple recorded message or natural sounds like dog barking or any other sound you choose.

Both – audio and visual modules might be uses together or separate depend on you needs.

Cash Trays with audio or visual modules attract attention of consumers much more strongly than traditional ones.

Both systems might be power supplied by standard ~ 230V wall socket (with provided standard fused UK wall plug) or might be battery operated (DC 12V).
Audio and visual modules are equipped with motion sensors which activate both systems according to the loaded programme.

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