Soft PVC

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Soft PVC is a technology that allows you to make a variety of items made ​​of soft plastic that can be used as gadgets or decoration. In the production process very demanding designs can be realized. Soft PVC offers different color option, even transparent and vivid colors are possible!
In opposition of Chinese products- our PVC keychains are produced on place- in EU area – it means safe materials and short lead time for our service.

What can I do with soft PVC?

It depends on your needs and you ideas ! With soft PVC, we produce small and large objects. We offer key rings,kay chains or pendants for mobile phones, bracelets, pads, cup pads, bar mats and many other options. Check out our photos and get an idea what you can do from soft PVC.

We believe in professionalism and aesthetics. We endeavor to ensure that our products remain durable and beautiful. Our graphic designers will check every project and do everything possible to produce the final product as much as possible.

Because we have large experience so we can meet the most demanding customer requirements.

What can we do for you?

Products: Bar mats, mounting bracket for the zipper, key chain, pendant, coaster for cups, bracelets, magnets and much more. Please contact us and see for yourself what we can do for you.

High Quality

We produce extremely durable products for every occasion. Spilled alcoholic drinks on the bar matsare not a problem, just wash the mats and already can be used again.

Diverse forms

We can make a lot of different irems in custom sizes and shapes. These can be cut and assembled, as desired to obtain the desired shape.

Unusual combination

We manufacture products according to your request, we will smoothly combine different materials together, so that the product meets your needs.

Useful Products

There is nothing better than a useful gadget – thanks to our products, your customers will always remember your company at every moment. We offer a lot of things that not only looks good but can also be useful.

Soft Pvc Bracelets

In any color desired with Signatures, for every event , campaign or action.
We manufacture all versions thanks to soft PVC.

Miscellaneous Accessories

We produce all kinds of accessories and gadgets for our customers. We are able to produce many unique items.

Special orders

We can offer you the possibility to produce your idea as the special order. As the only German company, we fulfill your dreams of products with flexible PVC.

Contact us by phone: +44 7544 40 77 40 and discuss all the details with our consultants.