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Do you simply want to advertise better?

We offer you innovative advertising materials – with extraordinary advertising effects! You can present your advertising message with our products, for example with 3D effects, as a wobble image, moving animated or with a zoom effect.

We make all this possible for you – with the help of a sensational technology, the so-called LENTICULAR PRINT process.

This printing process makes it possible to depict our three-dimensional world or animations impressively real on a flat sheet.

Just tie up and move…

The quality of the advertising materials we manufacture is always excellent

Modern brain research, the so-called neuropsychology confirms:
Three-dimensional images capture the viewer’s attention to a much greater extent than traditional, classic images.

These key figures are astonishing:
Viewers of three-dimensional images invest four times more time to perceive them than they do for classic, conventional images.

AND the attention is five times higher in this case.

A good impression is convincing!

Therefore, your advertising message penetrates noticeably deeper into the subconscious of the respective recipient (perceiver) with the help of the advertising material we manufacture. Market research carried out by “MARKET WATCH” has also shown that 88% of all viewers prefer to view 3D images.

Simply use the printing processes we offer for:

  • Books
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Mouse pads
  • Calendars
  • Office supplies (rulers, documents, bookmarks, envelopes, covers)
  • Children’s toys (cards / dominoes)
  • CD / DVD covers
  • and much more