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High-quality coin trays - a wide range of attractive advertising media

Welcome to Celman! You will find a large assortment of cash trays (also called money plate, money changer, coin tray or money tray), bar serving trays and other products made of plastic, glass, such as ashtrays. We have an extensive range of attractive advertising plates with numerous highlights, such as digital adapter plates with displays.

Digital money plates as a highlight

One of the highlights from our range is our digital payment plates with an LCD display. They convey advertising on advertising payment plates with an unprecedented presence. Because moving images are better memorized in the minds of visitors than static advertising prints. Thus, the message on the advertising plates comes to the fore and is more noticed than with normal cash trays.

The effectiveness of pay plates from the perspective of advertising psychology

On-site tests at our customers have shown that a payment plate has a positive effect on the customer’s purchase decision. A money changer with the advertising on it increases the likelihood of the customer buying spontaneously by another product by an average of 11 percent. It should be noted here that Expo money plates in pharmacies and digital money trays have a higher value than conventional cash trays. The effectiveness of money exchange offices from the point of view of advertising psychology is therefore quite positive for you. In combination with the right items in the checkout area, the money plate is an effective advertising medium.

Our advantages at a glance

With us you benefit from many advantages. Due to a high circulation and an optimized manufacturing process, we can offer you excellent offers across Europe. With us you benefit among other things of the following advantages:

  • We are the largest producer and supplier of money plates, cash trays, serving trays and ashtrays in Europe
  • We stand out due to fast delivery times
  • We only use high quality materials to guarantee you and your customers a durable product with good properties
  • You can choose from different materials, such as plastic, acrylic, glass, aluminum (aluminum) or wood

Our bestseller cash tray

  • Cash tray made of plastic “Laguna”

  • Cash tray made of plastic “Elegance”

  • Cash tray made of plastic “Optima”

  • Cash tray made of plastic “Kontakt”

Money plate special design and finishing

We know that individuality is important. On request, you can implement a variety of finishes with us in order to optimally apply your corporate identity. You benefit from an attractive price-performance ratio with us.

You can choose from individual prints and engravings as finishes. In addition, the production of special versions of coin trays is possible. This increases the effectiveness of your payment plates so that the advertising message reaches the advertising plate.

Our coin trays in the video

Individual advertising media

Would you like to have your very own company-specific money plate or bar serving tray? No problem! We are always the right contact for this matter too!

In addition to cash trays, we also carry other advertising materials for individual use in your company. No matter whether serving tray, ashtray or keychain made of soft PVC: we have the right product for you in our portfolio.

On request we can deliver all advertising materials with plastic, acrylic, glass, aluminum or wood. We print every material reliably and in high quality on the money plate, serving trays, ashtrays or key fobs. On request, we can create your individual print together with you. Request an individual, non-binding offer for your request today. We look forward to you!

Our range of other promotional materials

Interest? We are happy to help!

Are you interested in payment plates, serving trays or other promotional items from our portfolio? Then ask us now without obligation!

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and short decision-making processes within our company, we can realize almost any project you want in the best possible time. Any questions? Or would you like to have a very special or individual money plate produced? Then get in touch with us now!

We will be happy to answer your questions and requests at any time during a detailed telephone consultation at +49 (0) 7152-612 611. We will of course answer your written inquiries via our contact form as soon as possible.